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I started this journey of Youtube a little over 3 years ago. It has been quite a ride I have to tell you. But I have enjoyed every moment of it. When I started I had no help what so ever , I didn’t know what adsense meant, what tags or even what program to edit my videos with, little did I  know about lightning.

This industry is thought you will probably come across people that are going to be limited to what they want to share with you, trust me Ive been there No Fun!

In this Mentoring sessions I will be with you one-on-one teaching you from the basics to creating a Media Kit to Collaborating with brands and start making money. What Equipments to use to how to edit your video and when to upload and how to brand yourself.

Why do all this? Because I feel like everyone can reach their dreams and this cake is really big.

So let me help you, I will be side by side with you until you are ready to face this Jungle alone.

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What is a Media Kit? Do I Need one? How do I create a Proposal Letter for


Have you asked yourself this question lately? I can help you get answers.

First thing is first, Whats a Media Kit?

In the blogger realm, a media kit is a document that outlines the key facts and statistics about your blog. Generally, a media kit is given to potential advertisers or brands that you want to collaborate with. … If you want to collaborate with a brand, you should definitely have a media kit ready to send.

Is it needed? YES 100%!!!

When creating a proposal letter to a company this is a must! How Do I write a Proposal Letter?

Let me Help You get Started!

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Cant Wait to Work with you and Help you reach your Goals!!


Styling Sessions


Hi Loves! As you all Know I’m a Fashion Blogger and My Passion for Fashion is very strong. I get asked all the time, “Hey Francess I Need an Outfit for a wedding can you help me? Or What are the trending colors for summer. I saw that helping other look good was also a part of me, So that why I decided to Lunch my Personal Styling Services.

Services I Offer:

Wardrobe Consultation

Outfit for any Events

Fashion Photoshoots

You can book Me online or in Person.

Sent Me an Email with what Services you need and the State you are in to


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