Desi x Katy Dose of Color Collab

Hi Loves, Happy Monday to you guys! I wanted to share with you guys a little more of a close up to the Amazing Desi x Katy Collab. I did create a Review/Tut video on my channel (if you haven’t seen it scroll down and there you will have it). This collection is a pretty big deal, I mean is Desi and Katy! They are friendship goal all the way. I love how real they are and their hustle is always on point.

I think that if you are on youtube, or into the whole youtube world and you didn’t purchase this, you must be on something lol. This for me was huge guys, so of course I needed up buying. I only bought 3 items everything else was sold out : ( But is coming back on September I will get what I couldn’t the first time around.

Ok, so lets get to it here are a closer look at the items and swatches!














Left to right

Noli, Suz, Harpoon, Turbo






Mirame Highlight




No Shade Lipstick



Beautiful Collection, I thought the Colors of everything were really on point. I like the Packaging I just thought it was a little bit to “cheap for me” The quality could of been better.





The Girls Palette, $28

Miriam Highlighter: $28

No Shade Lipstick $16

Coming Back on September


Check the Video Out!!  Thanks for Stopping By. Love you xo

Francess Michelle




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