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5 Healthy On-the-Go Breakfast Ideas

Hi Loves, I have been lately obsessed with eating healthier and teaching my kids to eat healthy also. My husband is a eating healthy type of guy, very into the gym very opposite from me the only exercise I do is when Im blending my foundation, Boy is that a workout lol.

I recently told my Snapchat fan that I was going to embark in a new journey of Healthy Choices, and exercising. I have started with the whole healthy eating but the exercise thing is um on hold right now.

I’m a mother of 2, a wife, a blogger, a youtuber so my time is very limited, so i constantly  looking for things that are going to simplify my life especially when t comes to the most important meal of the day Breakfast. I put together 5 that really awesome, yummy, healthy and easy to do. If you are lacking ideas I tell you PINTEREST is like ah-mazing!

I picked these out of Pinterest. All the info is under the Picture. I hope you find these helpful, yummy and gets you closer to that Ideal weight.


Skinny Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake


Full Recipe: One Sweet Mess

Source: Pinterest

Double Berry Breakfast Parfait

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Full Recipe HERE

California Avocado Toast 3 Ways

Full Recipe HERE

I personally thing these are the best thing for breakfast! I’m currently hooked on these avocado toasts.

Find Some More HERE

Protein Overnight Oats


Full Recipe HERE

Find More Overnight Oatmeal HERE

Acai Bowl With Berries and Banana

PopSugar Food

Full Recipe HERE

Acaci Bowls are becoming pretty popular, why not is a super delicious and healthy breakfast. They are also known Smoothie you eat with a spoon.

Want More Info on What is Acai Bowl

Check this Article Out

More Options Of Acai Bowls HERE



These are all so yummy and super healthy and the best thing is that they are super fast to make. Don’t miss breakfast again, is the most important meal of the day.

Hope you found this post helpful! Thanks for stopping by!



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