Universal Studios Volcano Bay Water Park a Look Inside

Universal Studios Volcano Bay Water Park a Look Inside

Hi Loves, well here is a very different blog post! But I’m super excited about this one!! We are already in summer break and that means the kids are bored and have a lot of time on their hands. Enough to drive any parent loco! Tell me about it! We are super blessed to Live in the Beautiful Sunny OrLando FL, where all the awesome themes parks are at, But with this heat who is going to a theme park? Unless is a Water Park, Well we were so happy that a New Water Park opened close to us That means No More  “Im so bored”

As many of you may know Universal Studios Orlando opened up their 3rd park and is a Water Park!!!! Meet Volcano Bay, it opened May 25th and we decided to see what all the commotion is about. We went to see it ourselves! If you are planning on visiting the park or just want to know more about the park I hope my Experience helps you out a little bit!



Info about the actual park

Water is Life. Life is Joy. That’s the philosophy celebrated at Universal’s Volcano Bay™ water theme park. It’s the carefree attitude the fabled Waturi islanders have embraced on their Pacific isle for centuries. Now you can live the Waturi way at this all-new park where thrills and relaxation flow in perfect harmony.

With 18 incredible attractions, you’ll be able to experience daring water adventures and moments of peaceful relaxation—all without having to worry about waiting in line or carrying around rafts.

Source Universal Studios Website


The concept of this park is pretty much a stress free, Park. Their main goals is for you to enjoy everything it has to offer without having to miss half of what the park has to offer because your stuck in long lines.


Once you arrived at the Park the hand you this awesome piece of technology that you just which you can use IRL. Meet Tapu Tapu

The TapuTapu eliminates standing in long attraction lines by enabling you to relax and play while waiting in the park’s Virtual Line™ until it’s time to ride. Plus, with TapuTapu you can enjoy the fun and convenience of activating interactive surprises, opening lockers, making cash-free payments and more.


Virtual Lines!

Universal Volcano Bay’s Virtual Line™ means more time having fun, less time standing in line. Use it to “tap in” at an attraction and receive a designated return time, leaving you free to do whatever you want until it’s time to ride, instead of spending much of your day standing in long lines.

This little thing gives you so much power, Just Swipe in front of the ride you want to ride and you are already in line, go enjoy one of two lazy rivers and when is time to ride Tapu Tapu will let you know. How freaking cool is that! You can also pay at any of their 6 mouth watering restaurants. Ah and don’t worry about your kids using their Tapu Tapu to spend money on anything, you decide which Tapu Tapu has the power to pay.


Ok so now that you are all set with your gadget is time to enjoy the amazing water park.

It offers 3 Villages with 18 different things to do.

The Volcano

Which is the Main attraction use from 1-4 and I-Drive

Island Centerpiece

At the heart of the island stands Krakatau™, the mighty Fire and Water Volcano. Towering 200 feet above the tropical landscape, Krakatau™ streams waterfalls during the day and fiery lava effects at night. Inside the cavernous volcano, the Waturi people dare you to brave a variety of heart-pounding water slides.


Krakatau™ Aqua Coaster

Honorary Waturi can experience the power of Krakatau™ on this amazing ride. Four-person canoes slide upward through the mists and into the dark twists and turns within the volcano before emerging with a plunge through a shimmering waterfall.

Ko’okiri Body Plunge™

Join in the centuries-old tradition of honoring the volcano god, Vol, by braving the incredible Ko’okiri Body Plunge™. Featuring a 70-degree fall through a drop door and 125 feet of white-knuckle fun, this dizzying descent ends with a watery tribute from Vol himself.

Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides™

Join Kala and Tai Nui where sea and sky meet and take a leap of faith from high atop the volcano. Twin drop doors simultaneously plunge two guests down clear, intertwining tubes before sending them joyfully splashing into the turquoise waters below.

Punga Racers™

A favorite among Waturi children of all ages, Punga Racers send single riders on their manta ray mats sliding down four lanes through underwater sea caves. And to this day, the first racer to cross the finish line receives a watery salute from Punga himself.


Wave Village

Crystal Waters And Sandy Beaches

Wave Village is the first of three villages guests encounter at Volcano Bay™. This peaceful escape overlooks the sparkling waters of Waturi Beach at the base of the volcano.

Waturi Beach

Locals know that the waves are always perfect at Waturi Beach. Swim, splash and relax right along with them in the sparkling waters and warm waves of the lagoon at the foot of mighty Krakatau™.

The Reef

Watch the bravest Waturi take the Ko’okiri Body Plunge from the comfort of this peaceful leisure pool. A clear plexi tube shoots straight through this 5.5-foot-deep pool, which features its own private waterfall perfect for frolicking.

River Village

Fun Flows Through

The scenic River Village has fun for people of all ages, including the very youngest Waturi.

Honu ika Moana™

Just like the ancient Waturi people who rode the ocean waves on friendly sea turtles and whales, guests can enjoy these two twisting, turning, multi-person slides. Honu sweeps up two massive walls, while ika Moana sprays water on riders from the center of the raft.

Tot Tiki Reef™

Even the youngest Waturi can get in on the fun in the shallows of Tot Tiki Reef. Play among splashy slides, a tot-sized water volcano and a family of friendly tikis with spraying fountains. Plus, adorable whales spray and sing as kids raise and lower their hands.

Runamukka Reef™

Once an exotic coral reef beneath the ocean, Runamukka Reef is now a favorite play place for young Waturi children with its bubbling geysers, water guns, slides and dump cups. Shaded by fanciful bamboo sea creatures and waving seaweed, it’s the most playful spot in Universal’s Volcano Bay™.

Kopiko Wai Winding River™

Take a slow ride on the Kopiko Wai Winding River through the tropical landscape of Universal’s Volcano Bay™, a land full of surprises. Sprays of water surprise along the way, and beneath the lava rocks, Stargazer’s Cavern reveals the magical night sky above.

Rainforest Village

A Forest Full Of Excitement

The third village you’ll discover in Universal’s Volcano Bay™, Rainforest Village stretches along the shores of an action-packed river and features the perfect mix of relaxation and exhilaration.

Taniwha Tubes™

There’s a place in Universal’s Volcano Bay™ where the puka trees grow abnormally tall. Inspired by their twisting roots, the Waturi built four twisting water slides called the Taniwha Tubes. Riders can try all four twisting tracks, but beware—mischievous tiki statues spray jets of water when you least expect it.

Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides™

This six-person rafting adventure isn’t for the faint of heart. Choose one of two lava-tube paths or try them both. Maku slides through a deep volcanic gorge before spinning wildly around bowl-like formations. Then, test your bravery on Puihi, where you’ll feel the stomach-flipping thrill of a zero-gravity hang time before splashing your way to safety at the bottom.

Puka Uli Lagoon

This pool features elements that even the tiniest Waturi can enjoy like bongo drums and spraying water.

TeAwa The Fearless River™

Race along a roaring, watery stream of churning rapids and choppy waves while hanging tight to your inner tube on this thrilling whitewater ride.

Ohyah & Ohno Drop Slide™

Ascend the side of a cliff before plummeting down the twisting waters of the Ohyah Slide and dropping out four feet above the pool below. Then, brave the rope bridge and take the plunge down the Ohno Slide, a serpentine adventure that ends six feet above the awaiting pool.

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Ready for Some Pictures?


Inside the Volcano

One of the Rivers

Honu ika Moana™


Now Here is the Part all parents with little kids are waiting to see!

Runamukka Reef™ Kopiko Wai Winding River™



Ok so here is where I have to get Real Real with you all, I have 2 boys one 4 the other is 8 So pretty different ages to what they like and what is allowed for them. So in all the other rides you had to be 48″ inches tall to ride. Here is the kids area you have one side for the smallest and the other side for bigger kids. Now in my opinion this could of been so much better that what they did. They little toddlers area only offered two small slides which only one was working, maybe because they had just opened? I don’t know some of the little animal fountains weren’t working either and the Spraying Fountains as you see in the picture above weren’t working either.

The Area for bigger kids has 5 slides which are pretty cool slides. My Biggest was loving it. I had to compare this Kids area to the Sea World Aquatica Kids Area and I have to tell you Aquatica’s Kids area ha way more cool, and fun stuff for kids.


Add Ons

They also offer beautiful Cabanas, Cabana that Fit 6 to even 16 people! how amazing is that.

How much you pay for a cabana depends on two factors: when you go and what kind of unit you’d prefer. A single cabana, which holds up to six people, comes in a couple of different flavors.  A stand-alone building (for more privacy) or the ground floor of a two-story unit (for convenience and accessibility, though you’ll more than likely be sharing the second level with another group) both start at $159.99 and go all the way up to $449.99 per day. The upper level (which, Universal promises, will offer spectacular views) will cost you anywhere from $199.99 to $549.99.

A family suite cabana, meanwhile, holds up to 16 people and will automatically grant you a large stand-alone building. Pricing here starts at $299.99 and can reach at least $599.99.

Source HERE

This is amazing, they also have other type of seating.

If you want more information on the Cabanas and Preferred seating check out this article HERE


What to Eat?

Volcano Bay offers 6 different places to grab a bite. You will find regular Theme Park Food.

Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club™

Dancing Dragons Boat Bar

Whakawaiwai Eats


The Feasting Frog

Kunuku Boat Bar

Check their Menus out HERE


My Overall Opinion

I can’t say I didn’t like it, I think the concept of the park is pretty cool it has a little bit of everything! For thrill seekers and for those that want to just relax and get a vibe they are in a beautiful Island far away from home, all the technology makes it easier to have a great time. Now I think I should of waited to go, maybe they weren’t ready to open most rides had to be shut down for technical difficulties. Some people left the park upset because rides were inoperable. In my opinion they were not ready to open I think they needed to test it out a bit before opening to public. I will definitely give them a second chance. I will be visiting pretty soon and this time experience every ride. The ones we got to ride were pretty epic I tell you, Nothing like any water park rides we are used to.


So How much to get in?

Tickets for Adults $67.00

Tickets for Children over 3, $62.00

For me the prices are too high for a water park. A family of 5 or 6 will spend a lot of money. But if you have the annual passes you now have something to do all summer.


I really wish you found this article helpful, and you enjoyed reading! Thank you for stoping by!!


Francess Michelle