Stepping outside your Comfort Zone

Hii My Loves, So at the beginning of the year I said that one of my goals was to step out my comfort zone and not be afraid to be Me. Trust me being inside a little box that you yourself created can be so damaging for you. I have passed on so many amazing opportunities because of my shyness. To believe in my self was a mayor key to do this year. And you will ask what does this have to do with your Outfit?

Well let me tell you, for those closed to me know that this outfit never in a million years I would wear. This is so out of my comfort zone, especially showing my legs I was always so ashamed of my body being so skinny that i was very picky on what I wore. But honestly once I tarted to accept me the way God made me and that He made me Beautiful how I am, I stop caring so much of what others thought of me. So by me wearing a skirt and this type of skirt is a huge deal. I want to tell you today That you are beautiful the way you are and that you were created with a purpose is time for you to accept yourself, believe in yourself and Step out your comfort zone.

Now to what we here for the Outfit! lol The amazing thing about this look is the Skirt yes it was $5.80 thats right!!! $5.80 I took advantage of the FOREVER21 sale! I will try to link the outfit at the bottom where you can purchase these Items.

Thanks so much for stoping by









Outfit Details:

Floral Bodysuit : Floral Tie-Neck Bodysuit

Skirt: Similar One 

Heels: Novus Group

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