How To Stay Organize And Reach your Goals in 2017


Hanging pocket watch

Hanging pocket watch

Hi Loves Happy New Year!!! Welcome to My New Blog. This is my first post of 2017, and my first blog post in this blog. If you follow me for sometime now you know I have been blogging for 3 years now, But because of some circumstances I had the reopen a new blog. But I’m super excited about my new blog. I will be sharing so much here that I really can’t wait. But what I’m most excited about is the courses launching soon. You need to subscribe to my newsletter to get first dibs on everything especially the Blog Giveaways!! Anyways this is post is not about that is about How to Stay Organize so you can reach your goals in 2017.

I can speak from experience when I tell you I know what it is to miss on things like opportunities and even money because I never organized myself, I was always all over the place. There was times where I will be searching for my phone like crazy to find out it was in my hand the whole time. Anybody else gone through that? I have found a “method” that has worked for me all through 2016. Its pretty simple and is My Planner! Yes a planner. I’m a very visual person I get happy when I see pretty Stickers and I remember things when I write them down.


Introducing my New Planner, The Happy Planner, this is my baby this is where I write everything and organize my work week. I prefer this planner because is so customizable. So many adorable add ons for this planner.


This is the Monthly Layout, the boxes are pretty decent sized to write in them. The weekly spread is also pretty spacious to write in.

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 9.19.01 PM

Weekly Spreads are my favorite, to decorate is the best. As you can see here this is a simple spread in my December calendar. This is where I organize and write down all I have to do in this week. As you can see the days are separated by Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. It gives me plenty of space to put everything down.

My Method:

  1. I grab a notebook on Sunday Night and write down the videos I want to record and upload that week. As well as the blog post I will be writing for that week. Sort of a To-Do List
  2. I start decorating my planner as you see above. You can find these stickers and others at Glam Designs Co
  3. Then I choose which days I will upload Videos, and when I will write a Blog Post. After I write down those days I choose which I will record and then the rest of the plans. I normally keep 2 Planners the big one is usually for Work and the little one is for personal.
  4. After putting down the videos I will upload and the blog posts, I write down other important things I have to do, Like if I have a campaign due, expecting a package, answer emails, buy something ect.
  5. If I have anything personal like bills, appointments, groceries all the things grown ups do I write it down in my little planner that I take with me.

This helps a lot, like I said in the beginning I’ m a very visual person, If I see it I will remember and I will motivate my self to Hustle and Finish the week feeling accomplished.


This is my Goals Notebook, here is where I write down all my Ideas, all my Videos and Blog Post. I recommend keeping a notebook close to you, when you have an idea write it down. This will be your right hand lol the one that you negotiate with the one that knows all your next steps. I like using a lot of motivational quotes especially Boss Babe quotes are the best.


This is my Mini Planner my Personal one, the one I keep with me on my purse. All the grown up things are in here.

New Year means new planners and new planner goodies. I wanted to share what I got for my new planner.


I buy most of my planner things at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or

This Method of writing down everything has help me organize myself, not only on blogging and youtube but as well as my personal life. Remembering my bills, my appointments all the important stuff. I have also saved a lot of money because I have budgeted also. Writing down what needs to be paid instead of spending unnecessary money on crap.

Another very important thing is Don’t Procrastinate!!! This has been many peoples worst enemy, Saying Ill do it tomorrow and it never gets done. If you write it down you have to do it! Have that amazing feeling at the end of the week that you completed all you had to do.

Work Hard, You must work really hard in order to achieve your dreams. Nothing in life comes easy, one must put in work. I always say if you can’t stop thinking about it, Don’t stop working for it.

One of the thing I will improve, and not stop doing is Work Hard. Stay Focused, Organized and Hustle.

Well like I said My Method is quite simple no science, This has worked for me for over a year and I will continue to do and adapt new methods along the way. I think staying organized is key to any one who wants to succeed. But Ill warn you the #plannercommunity is quite addictive!!!! Consider yourself warned.

 dsc01476     dsc01450

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year, I wish you all the best in this new year. That you can reach your Goals! Remember to stay Organized.

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Francess Michelle 

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